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Pitch Wars: Pimp my bio

I am polishing my Young Adult novel - The year of the WWOOFERS for Pitch Wars.

The year of the WWOOFERS

Do dreams have an expiry date? Aroha's parents have just announced they are fulfilling her lifetime wish - to move from the city to a small country town (in another Island!). But it's no longer her wish - especially at nearly 13 with a love of city life. To make matter worse her father's transfer doesn't happen so he needs to commute down when he can until he can find another job. To help with the 'Old, cold house' - Aroha's description - and the land her Mum has organised WWOOFERS (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) which means 'strangers' - Aroha's description - from all around the world staying with them. 'It's like the UN keeps on moving into my house!' complains first.

In my twenties and early thirties I earned my living writing and acting for television, radio and theatre - focusing on plays and comedy - please see below. In my mid - late thirties my family (husband, sons, whānau: extended family) and earning a living came first. Now in my early 40s I have got back into writing but am working on novels (an adult black comedy and a Young Adult novel above).

Rochelle Savage: Writing CV

I have written for theatre, television and radio and am currently writing fiction (black comedy + YA).

“Brilliant”  - The Evening Post
“Full-on entertainment” - The Dominion
“Rochelle Savage’s play is very funny, pacy, and the three actors offer great naturalistic performances” - City Voice
“Anarchic, energetic, wonderful” - The Listener

FILM - Bievendios Nueva Zealandia (48 hour Wellington Finalist 2009)

Winner: Best use of character - New Zealand & Wellington
Finalist: Best script
Finalist: Best film


RADIO - Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Romantic Comedy (55 minutes)
Radio NZ blurb.png
shorter nat rad.png

Featuring: Peter Hambleton; Jude Gibson; Tim Spite; Gabe MacDonnell; Gentiane Lupi; Jean Betts; Peter Rutherford and Rochelle Savage.

Commissioned and produced by Radio New Zealand
2005 - most recently played February 11th 2015

Victoria University’s Undergraduate Creative Writing course (1999)

Lecturers: Bill Manhire and Harry Ricketts
Completed the undergraduate writing course with eleven others.

Theatre - Perfect (1999) BATS Theatre

Ramona is having the perfect day. Her life is going swimmingly. That’s the problem. A darkly comic look at the quest for perfection.

Written by: Rochelle Savage
Featuring: Kelson Henderson, Genevieve McLean and Viv Quinn

Theatre - FACE (1997) BATS Theatre

The true story of a 17 year old’s true story - exciting, terrifying and funny in the world of modeling in Europe and Asia.

Written by: Rochelle Savage
Featuring: Dra McKay and Adam Brookfield

Theatre - Comedy Festival (1996, 1997, 1998) BATS, Taki Rua and The Basement

Original sketch comedy in the comedy duo Laura Get Your Gun; co-written with Mel Johnston

Stand up comedy: e all of the above

Theatre - Nog: a Christmas show  (1997) BATS

Original sketch comedy. Co-written by the cast with individual pieces as well.

Featuring: Jo Randerson, Jemaine Clement, Bret Mckenzie, Rochelle Savage, Taika Cohen, Gabe MacDonnell, Jackie van Beek, Celestina Sumby, Ben Weston and Mel Johnston.

Television - Skitz and Tellylaughs (1995 - 1997)

Weekly sketch comedy writer: employed for three seasons.

Featuring: Jemaine Clement, Oscar Kightley, Dave Fane, Rochelle Savage, Raybon Kan and others.

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Pitch Wars: Pimp my bio

I am polishing my Young Adult novel - The year of the WWOOFERS for Pitch Wars . The year of the WWOOFERS Do dreams have a...